Powerful New Tablet Runs Revit, AutoCAD, Office

Powerful New Tablet Runs Revit, AutoCAD, Office: Microsoft (MS) today 10/6/2015 released their new Surface Pro 4 tablet .

What’s remarkable about this little bundle of joy is that it can run FULL versions of MS Office (unlike most other tablets out there), and for a gigantic surprise, it and its predecessor (Surface 3) can run Revit and AutoCad.  Amazing.

The new Surface Pro 4 can be had with a full powered Intel Core i7 CPU and up to 1TB of onboard storage and enough graphics umph to run a 4K giant monitor.  Unbelievable.  But I saw multiple videos today that convinced me.  Those, plus I personally phoned, emailed and video chatted with two MS employees today in both sales and tech.  They confirmed the above.

I happened to be looking because I wanted a powerful, but small tablet to run full Excel so that I can use it for home inspections, using software that one of my companies is developing for that sector.  And the 1.6 pounds is a big difference from the previous laptops I’ve tried to lug around to handle that.

ArCH’s own Rodney Kazenske sent me a couple of videos showing people running Revit on the Surface 3:

If those don’t convince you, I don’t know what will.  And those are both on the PREVIOUS version of the Surface, not the new one that just came out today.

I think I’ll order one, customized with the cool stuff and all the horsepower and use it as my backup computer to my PC, and also enjoy the mobility of being able to use it in the field.  That ought to be around $2,699.  However, you can get the basic version with less of everything for around $899.

Best of luck to all of you.

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