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During the latest ArCH ExComm (Executive Committee) Skype video conference, Rand Soellner, ArCH and John Hrivnak, ArCH, were discussing the subject of As-Built drawings.  John mentioned that he had information from attorneys suggesting that Architects should  never call these drawings “As-Builts”, as that name implies that this is exactly how things were built.  John said that the attorneys suggested that Architects instead call them “Record Drawings.”  ArCH members are advised to do so and furthermore, to attach some disclaimer that states how the Record Drawing measurements were taken and that this includes some error and that the Record Documents are not intended as perfect or precise and that the Contractor will be required to verify and confirm the accuracy of the conditions established as a result of using the Record Documents.

Home Architects (Rand Soellner’s company) now uses this numbered drawing note in their A14 series Numbered Drawing Note sheets as well as directly on the Record Drawings:

“Any “Record Drawings” or “Record” information from the Architect or others are not perfect and are likely based on convenient and incomplete field measurement using tape measures and other imprecise means.  Contractor is required to verify any “record” documents, record dimensions, locations and conditions in the field and adjust proposed improvements to coordinate with the actual field conditions.”

Each of you may wish to adopt your own language that you feel works for your firm.

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