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Several ArCH members are or have acquired Revit LT 2013 Suite, which include Revit LT 2013 and AutoCad 2013 LT and a 1-year AutoDesk Subscription, which means they will also receive the 2014 Suite when it is released.  This software was for sale on Amazon for $1,111 which appeared to the least expensive on the planet for a legitimate, registered version of the software.

Revit Architecture MSRP is more like $5,400+/-  and the AutoDesk Building Design Suite is MSRP $6,800+/- (but can be had for several hundred $ less).

Several ArCH members opted for the the LT version, to enjoy what AutoDesk calls: “80% of the functionality for 20% of the full version price.”  Rand Soellner, ArCH and Craig Isaac recently purchased the Revit LT Suite, likely to be followed by Don Duffy soon.  Lori Schneider has owned the full Revit version for several years and is renewing her consideration of that.  Lilija Gelazis is a long-time user of ArchiCad, the Apple version of BIM and enjoys it daily on her projects.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) appears to be the path of the future for architecture and ArCH members are among the vanguard in learning and using this 3D modeling software.  It is daunting at first and there is a lot to learn.  And computers often need to be upgraded to properly handle the larger file sizes to operate correctly.  But in ArCH, you have your fellow Architect brothers and sisters accompanying you on your way.

More on this interesting topic later.  Check out the ArCH Revit Resources page for more information:

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