Updated ArCHspec: improved shower waterproofing

This post is about the previous post: and how ArCHspec™ now incorporates it.  RedGard just became part of ArCHspec™.  Should have been there a decade ago.  Well; it’s there now.  Makes perfect sense: an economical, roll/trowel or spray-on elastomeric waterproof liquid that goes on top of the concrete backer board and on top of the mud bed in a shower and is taken all the way up to the shower ceiling. Result: no leaks, no rotting walls.  About time!  And the tile is set over it.  It sticks and it works.  Yay!  Simpler than the PVC shower pans most of us have been using for most of our lives.  Better.  Makes the entire shower waterproof.

Also, Schluter Kerdi Shower Niches have been added to ArCHspec™. Once again: about time.  These are prefabricated substrate waterproof shower niche one-piece units that after installing, you then coat with your wall tile.  No leaks.  And the RedGard can be applied over the outer flange to result in a totally watertight shower assembly.

Might sound boring, but to our Clients, this is a big step forward in waterproof technology that many quality tilesetters and Contractors have been using for a decade or more.  Nice that we caught up on this.

I remember Don Duffy, ArCH, telling the other ArCHexComm members a couple of years ago that he had to go to one of his Clients’ houses on a weekend to fix the leaking in a shower pan (that the Contractor caused by penetrating it with nails).  Don and everyone else: those days are past, if you start using this updated specification using RedGard.



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