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Hey all – I think we should be using the blog! I can empathize with anyone who just got 8 messages from ArCH in their box within the last hour. Let’s try using the blog!

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  1. Hi ArCH members, 2014 marks a reinvigoration of ArCH. Craig Isaac, ArCH, and , ArCH have joined me on the ArCH ByLaws Committee, bless their hearts! Edward is the chairperson. We met for 1-1/2 hours last evening on a Skype video conference (the first ever for ArCH members). It was an enjoyable and frank discussion about how ArCH wants to be governed and make decisions and move forward in the world. There are several more chairs available on this committee, for interested ArCH members, but I don’t want to say too much about this committee: it’s Edward’s baby, so I’ll let him update you on that. And Craig’s initiative to get all ArCH members using the website Blog is right on. If you don’t know how, look on this Blog that you are on now, in the upper left hand side for “Blog Registration Instructions”. Click that and do what it says, and you’ll be blogging in no time. This blog is only open to licensed Architects that are ArCH members.

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