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Hi ArCH Folks,

Please look at your ArCH website menu on the far side of the horizontal menu bar under the Big Picture Slide Show of our website: Blog.  If you hover your mouse there, you will see a couple of drop-down menu items there that will give you instructions on how to do things in WordPress; the software in which our website consultants have created our website.

Those may help you deal with situations you encounter, while you are trying to edit your Firm Page, Insert Media, text, and install URL links and the like.  For instance: you cannot just copy a page from another website and paste that (images and all) into a WordPress website.  You have to install each image, one at a time, using the procedures indicated under the Blog menu choice.

Same thing with URL links.  You don’t just copy and paste them onto a WordPress page.  They will be dead text.  You need to name the text something, like: Interesting Houses, then highlight that text, then click on the Link symbol in the WordPress edit mode, THEN paste the URL.  See the sub menu instructions for this and other techniques under the Blog menu heading.  Thank you!

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