ArCH Focus Groups

Would all ArCH members please take a look at our website menu and look at FOCUS AREAS.  When you click on that, you will see several suggested Focus Groups to address those Focus Areas.  Oh, you might say: “You mean that I might have to serve on one or more of these committees to solve these issues?”  Well, ArCH doesn’t exactly have paid minions to do our bidding.  ArCH = US.  You and me and all of us.  In order to figure out how all of us want to address the issues that concern us, WE are all going to have to discuss it with others among us and SOLVE the problem with suggested courses of action.  Preferably for “0” cash or reasonably minor expenditures.  We haven’t even had our first election and have not yet taken in any dues yet.  So: be realistic about approaches.

Everyone: please comment on our Blog here, to this post, as to what other, additional Focus Areas you believe ArCH needs to address and make sure that YOU are prepared to do something about that, by at least serving or chairing that committee.  And if you are interested in one of the posed Focus Groups, please e-mail: and he will put your name on that group.


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