On September 9, 2015, the ArCH ExComm (Executive Committee) will be discussing and voting on the ArCHglobal proposition.  Quite simply, this approval will result in the ArCH American organization becoming International and available for membership by Licensed Architects anywhere in the world.

The event that led to this happening was when Pedro Rocha, an Architect in Portugal contacted ArCH about being able to download one of the ArCHpress books: Architectural Residential Specifications from the ArCHwebsite.









He wanted to be honest about his address, but there was no way for anyone outside of the USA to input their legitimate address.  Pedro is obviously a very honest guy.  Therefore, Rand Soellner, ArCH started thinking about why ArCH had to be exclusively American.  Perhaps remain American-based, sure, but why not open membership to other Architects around the world?  Especially those who focus on residential architecture?

After having several conversations with other ArCHmembers, there was, by and large, an enthusiastic response from ArCH.  The ArCH ExComm reviewed with legal counsel regarding global issues and soon realized that nothing really prevents membership from being global.  This appears to be something that is very likely going to happen, after due discussion and deliberations.  We will soon see.


ArCH is presently available to about 105,000 licensed Architects in the USA.  It is estimated that there are perhaps 1,000,000 (one million) Architects worldwide at the present time.  In other words, ArCH will have 10 times its present potential membership when it decides to accept international members.









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