ArCHglobal is now real

ArCH is now a global organization.  On 9-9-2015, between 8:30PM and 9:30PM the ArCHglobal proposition was discussed, proposed, voted upon and approved by the ArCH ExComm in attendance: Don Duffy, ArCH, Bennett Sabatier, ArCH, Rodney Kazenske, ArCH, and Rand Soellner, ArCH, each representing various geographic regions around the United States.


What this means:
ArCHmembership is still limited to Licensed Architects only.  However, now those Licensed Architects may be from any country on the planet, not only from the USA.  This means that previously, there were around 107,000 Licensed Architect that could have joined ArCH from the USA.  Now, there are approximately a million Licensed Architects throughout the world that can join, if they wish to do so.


This is a huge step forward for ArCH.  It now has the capacity to become part of a global population of Architects about ten times the size of its prior USA limited membership. Please join ArCH in celebrating this giant step forward into the mid- 21st Century.

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