ArCH MarCCon System

ArCH-ArMS (Architects Marketing Services has a sub-application for tracking potential Clients: MarCCon (Marketing Client Contacts).

This large spreadsheet template is 3D, meaning that there are multiple sheets, all linked in one file.  And all 28 sheets report to a Master List, that helps you keep track of where you are at with your leads.

Ever feel that you are forgetting something, after you’d received a phone call or email from someone thinking of engaging your firm to become their Architect?  Then after that initial conversation or email, they go away and you never hear from them again?  Because you think: “Oh…if they need me, I guess they’ll get back in touch with me…”

Think again!  They might have forgotten your name.  Or you email address, or can’t remind your website URL.  Or are busy earning a living, or helping their family through some situation.  Any number of reasons that have nothing to do with you.  In other words, it is YOUR obligation to keep them thinking about you.  Puts a new spin on things, doesn’t it?  And if you don’t do something to keep all those leads organized, and what you said when and what they said and what’s supposed to happen next, you’re likely going to lose those leads.  Forever.  Because you’re not organized to handle them.

Well: ArCH MarCCon changes all that!  the ArCH-MarCCon system tracks your leads and keeps them organized.  What you said and when and more important, tracks FOR YEARS INTO THE FUTURE when you need to contact them again.  Don’t lose projects of qualified leads because you don’t know how to nurture them.  Get the ArCH-ArMS system today, which includes ArCH-MarCCon, to make sure your grow those seeds to become bountiful future crops.

Marketing for Architects

Every dues-paying member of ArCH is encouraged to watch this free webinar from Richard Petrie, Enoch Sears (ArCH member), & Eric Bobrow:

Marketing Webinar

Also, here’s a 15 minute quickie link to an Enoch Sears/ Richard Petrie presentation that will convince you to watch this session:

Architect Marketing Teaser

HOME ARCHITECTS (Rand Soellner, ArCH) has been implementing similar techniques and they are working for his firm.  Some of these things you cannot do overnight, but the sooner you get started, the greater the chance that you can improve your business.  ArCH can’t thank our own Enoch Sears, ArCH, AIA, Richard Petrie and Eric Bobrow enough.  These guys are doing more to help Architects get ahead than any other entity we know of today.  And this webinar is FREE!  Unbelieveable.  Take advantage of this golden opportunity to improve your business and your life.