Marketing for Architects

Every dues-paying member of ArCH is encouraged to watch this free webinar from Richard Petrie, Enoch Sears (ArCH member), & Eric Bobrow:

Marketing Webinar

Also, here’s a 15 minute quickie link to an Enoch Sears/ Richard Petrie presentation that will convince you to watch this session:

Architect Marketing Teaser

HOME ARCHITECTS (Rand Soellner, ArCH) has been implementing similar techniques and they are working for his firm.  Some of these things you cannot do overnight, but the sooner you get started, the greater the chance that you can improve your business.  ArCH can’t thank our own Enoch Sears, ArCH, AIA, Richard Petrie and Eric Bobrow enough.  These guys are doing more to help Architects get ahead than any other entity we know of today.  And this webinar is FREE!  Unbelieveable.  Take advantage of this golden opportunity to improve your business and your life.