Death through Apathy

This online post is about what happens when people don’t do their part, or are “too busy” to help make a difference, when all it takes is a little piece of your time and a bit of your assistance.

ArCH needs more Architects to join.  We are now Global, but we have a long way to go.  Simply by the act of joining, ArCH becomes stronger.  Your small membership yearly fee helps ArCH accomplish vital tasks, such as creating new videos that enlighten the public about what you do as an Architect and the value you bring to every project.  ArCH creates one of kind products that help you practice Architecture, creating homes, because there is no other source on Earth that does this.

Support those organizations that help feed you: intellectually and literally.  That would be ArCH.

Thank you for being a member and for guiding other Architects to join and for continuing to be a member.

If you don’t, who will?  Before ArCH, the world was a gray and dim place for residential Architects.  There were no products custom made for residential Architecture.  There was no worldwide brotherhood/ sisterhood of Licensed Architects that design homes.  There was no global comradery of residential Architects.  There was no global ArCHdes™ design awards program just for residential architecture around the world.  Now, all that colorful energy has infused the planet, all because you helped ArCH come about and remain vital.

Help us grow and remain sustainable, with your support.    You can and will make a difference.

Support ArCH.

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