ArCHchart is now available

ArCHchart™ just was launched.  You can read all about this new ArCHproduct here:


ArCHchart™ is what all Architects have been missing in their Client management applications.  ArCHchart™ allows you to simply, swiftly and easily update the present status of where your firm is at on your Clients’ projects, without cumbersome scheduling software.  Clear colored cartoon diagram bar charts in Excel explain so your Clients’ understand what’s been accomplished to date, where you are now, what’s next and what phases/tasks remain, from Programming all the way through Construction Administration, Warranty Period and Post Warranty periods.

And because this application is in MS Excel, you can easily modify it to suit your practice/process as you wish.

A happy Client is an informed Client.

Have Clients getting upset with you because they don’t understand why you’ve done what you have, what you’re doing now and why you’re soon to be doing other things?  ArCHchart™ charts the course through the project and helps to diagrammatically explain the relative amount of effort/time devoted to each typical architectural project phase.  Don’t talk talk talk about architectural phases.  Let ArCHchart™ do your talking for you.

This application just might save your next project.  Buy it today.  Deeply discounted for ArCHmembers, of course. And now a part of the new ArCHsuite™.

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