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Marketing Architects: we all try to market what we do, but few of us have any defined “system” that helps us in that regard.

ArCH recently launched ArMS™ (Architects Marketing Services), a professional marketing system for Architects.

ArMS™ is now an ArCHproduct, available for purchase here: ArCH-ArMS™

Presently, ArMS™ is composed of not one, but 3 subsystems, working together like pistons in a powerful engine.

The first subsystem: ArCH-ArMS: INTRO™, which includes a detailed process diagram with substantial guide notes, leading the Architect through the steps of offering an INTROductory modest service, and illustrating how this can lead to Closing The Deal for  full-service architectural project.

The second subsystem: ArCH-ArMS: MarCCon™ (Marketing Client Contacts), tracks potential Client communications, alerting you to when you, as the Architect being considered, needs to make a future contact and the nature of that communication.  Includes multiple single-potential Client contact record spreadsheets, all linked to a Master List, that automatically loads critical contact dates from the individual contact sheets.

The third subsystem: ArCH-ArMS: PCY™ (PeopleCallYou), is a checklist process the guides the marketing Architect to develop features for themselves and their company that results in improving the likelihood that People Contact You. This miracle happens for the ArCHmembers that have employed these methods.  And this is where every marketing Architect wants to be: people calling you, rather than you making cold calls.

If you are a marketing Architect (which is the position of every Architect looking or hoping to obtain future work), you may want to further investigate the ArCH-ArMS™ system.  Real world methods and systems that work for real Architects, on the ground, who have obtained and who are receiving new Clients through these methods.  These are not “hoped-for” procedures dreamed of by marketing people, but rather, known techniques from successful Architects who use these systems to get new work.


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